Brent Hensley was born in Oceanside, California and now resides in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon. Brent started playing music at the age of 16, starting with guitar, piano and singing. In 2019, Brent went on to become the singer and rhythm guitarist Portland based band, Despite Trying, now named Leader-1. Having made many friends in the local PDX Rock and Metal scene, Brent fronted the band and won the hearts of the audience with skill and precision. Brent’s love of multi-genre and multi-cultural music has allowed him to explore and engage in many different styles of art and music. Some of his all time favorite styles are Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Funk, and Reggae. Some of the bassists that Brent loves listening to are Victor Wooten, Duff McKagan, and Pino Palladino. Currently, Brent is hard at work with Raj Punjabi making waves in the rhythm section of U.S.