Andrea Cargill - Manager / Agent

Andrea Cargill, born and raised in the Deuce Nickel Tre (253) comes from humble beginnings. Where she spent every day before and after school with her grandparents, Thomas and Evelyn, both born in 1922. Learning at a young age the importance of community and to help others when you are able. At 10 years old was a self taught clarinetist. By 14 recorded with a professional clarinetist and began working in her family’s music stores. There she obtained much of her business knowledge and how to play other instruments. Through much growth, development and determination Andrea eventually found herself in the Entertainment Industry as an independent Talent Agent and Manager. Though her West Coast roots will forever be important, in 2018 established herself in the West neighborhood of Chicago, IL. During the pandemic joined the board of a STEAM Center in Marshall Fields and fed the entire Chicago community, specifically Englewood with World Central Kitchen. Wicker Park is where Tommy Banz found her. In 2021, he approached her about music, which she politely declined due to personal reasons. After his professional persistence, consistency and proof of talent, eventually she agreed to work with him. Fast forward to 2023, this is US.