Tommy Banz is 24 year old rapper/singer/songwriter from the Southside of Chicago. Since early childhood, being the only child, Tommy would use his creativity to keep himself entertained like drawing, painting, and writing short stories! No matter what he was doing with his time, music would surround his ears, listening to almost everything! Drowning himself in multiples genres of music would allow him to be the versatile artist that he is today. Although listening to music was a constant necessity in his everyday life, what really inspired Tommy to start writing on his own was when he discovered that his grandpa, Jose Vargas, was a musician in a band back in the day. Watching old recorded videos and scrolling through photo albums of his grandpa’s glory days as a musician absolutely filled Tommy with tons of interest in being one himself! He began writing lyrics to beats that he found on YouTube when he was just 13 years old. On and off as the years went on, Tommy would write just as a little hobby he had aside from sports until summer of 2020 when he decided to begin his journey as an artist! After being buried in boredom in the house everyday due to Covid, Tommy decided to buy some recording equipment he found on Amazon and got to work right in his bedroom! Even though making music didn’t instantly become something consistent, the validation he would get from his friends motivated him to keep going and to keep getting better at his craft. About a year later, Tommy linked up with the bands manager, Drea, who at the time wasn’t really looking to work in the music industry, but she had still offered to help him anyway she can. From that point on, they built a great friendship that would later benefit both of their careers!